The Bio Antizyme can be used for Bioseedingin biological waste water treatment plant to stabilize organic water .it has got versatile application like cleaning deodoration in organic waste water treatment .this is very effective when used in septic tank , sewage lines, water treatment plant , poultry  fish farm , effluent treatment plant , piggeries , hospitals , hotels , residences etc …


  • more than 90% of the waste water decomposed
  • once we stared using bio-antizyme , the solid waste need not be removed using sewage lorries
  • 100% natural actions
  • odour will be reduced with in one week
  • reduce all suspended solides
  • prolonged life
  • more than 90% of pathogens are killed and henceit id hygienic and healthy .
  • the treated water can be discharge through over flow and it can be used for gardening and lawns